VUCA is  an acronym first coined by the U.S. Army War College in the 1990’s to describe the kind of world they were training military leaders to face.  Since then it has become globally recognized shorthand descriptor for the crazy, fast-paced, disruptive, fragile and chaotic world that has become the new normal world for all of us.

What will happen next?   No one knows.  We only know that as we face this on-going reality it means leaders, teams and enterprises of all sizes and types … must become more nimble and adaptable …. or as we say … more AGILE.  Focused, fast & flexible!

Below is an updated video called Shift Happens that began in August 2006 as a faculty presentation by a high school teacher in Colorado named Karl Fisch and has been updated by numerous folks over the years since.  We have added and updated content as well as adding our own sound track several times over the past decade.

The underlying message is that we live in a VUCA world with exponential change defining the new normal … and whether we like it or not … SHIFT HAPPENS.   Are you ready?  Are  you Agile enough to face what’s coming next?

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