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The Agility Personality Profile™ (APP) is a unique personality assessment specifically developed to assess the underlying characteristics of agility.


What is the Objective of the Agility Personality Profile™?

The APP focuses on the five relatively stable traits that support behavioral agility, which we uncovered through rigorous scientific research. These five personality dimensions are: Focus, Proactivity, Confidence, Optimism and Inquisitiveness.

AAPparachuteFocus: Tends to create goals and concentrate upon them until completion. Stays on track even when it is difficult to do so. Becomes fully engaged in tasks.

Proactivity: Avoids a reactive mindset. Anticipates tasks and continually looks for ways to make progress. Accepts the need to act without complete information.

Confidence: Approaches work with a sense of self-assuredness. Has a high degree of trust in own abilities. Eager to face challenges.question_what_is_it_13213

Optimism: Looks for positive aspects of difficult situations. Bounces back after failing To achieve. Finds hidden opportunities within problems or challenges.

Inquisitiveness: Values the opportunity to learn. Comfortable in new situations. Seeks and benefits from experiences that demand the acquisition of new knowledge or skill.

What does the Agility Personality Profile™ consist of?

The APP consists of 50 items that accurately and reliably measure agility.

The assessment is securely administered on- line and results in a full report of your scores compared to others that have taken it. The report also includes developmental activities that will increase your agility.



What are some uses for the Agility Personality Profile™?

  • Training and orienting new employees
  • Building and strengthening teams
  • Developing and empowering high potential leaders
  • Facilitating understanding among team members
  • Tailoring leadership development programs to participant’s personalities

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