HYBRID WORK … is that something like a HYBRID car? Actually, in a way it is. When you think about the value proposition of a hybrid car – you begin to discuss the flexibility of accessing both traditional gas powered automation as well as the newer innovation of electric powered automation. Each has its own benefits and limitations but when you are able to combine both into the AND proposition … then you really have something extraordinary!  

Over the past twenty years, my consulting partner, Nick Horney, and I have been exploring the innovation of how leaders, teams and organizations become more adaptive, nimble and resilient. We call it becoming more Focused, Fast & Flexible … aka Agile.  

Our AGILE MODEL® is a best practices framework that helps our clients and their teams progressively ratchet their ways to higher operating levels in flexibility, nimbleness and resilience.

I like the WORKHUMAN perspective on how humans can reach full potential at work as well as their efforts to bring more insight and wisdom to support your efforts as well. Take a look at this latest slice of insight from SARAH BLOZNALIS.

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