Organizational Agility Services

How Organizations Will Benefit:

  • The ability to Anticipate Change by interpreting turbulence and trends
  • The ability to Generate Confidence through engaged and collaborative teams
  • The ability to Initiate Action with systems for making things happen proactively
  • The ability to Liberate Thinking with a climate that empowers, encourages and teaches innovation
  • The ability to Evaluate Results by maintaining focus, managing knowledge and
    constantly improving

Organizational Agility: The New Competitive Metric

In a fast paced climate where survival demands staying ahead of the curve, Agility is proving to be the ultimate competitive advantage. Whether we want to be or not, we are fully engaged in the age of turbulence and complexities where organizations are challenged to not only adapt, but also to preemptively change more rapidly than ever before.

Anticipate, Adapt and Thrive: How Agility Consulting Can Help

There’s no doubt it’s an unsettled, changing world, in which adaptability and flexibility are more important than ever. Is your organization up for the challenge? The global landscape is complex and our Organizational Agility services are designed to help your organization build the necessary capacities to anticipate, adapt and thrive.

Organizations that are best able to anticipate market movements, re-emerge from the worst system shocks and take advantage of gaps left by those unable to withstand the brunt will win. Doing so requires Agility.

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Strategic Agility Seminar
Strategic Agility is a 2-day workshop that uses a variety of learning methods designed to engage participants and ensure transfer of skills to their own leadership situations. According to recent studies by The Conference Board, American Management
Association, and McKinsey, strategic agility is one of the top three priorities for
global CEO’s

Scenario Planning Workshop
The Scenario Planning seminar is a one day workshop designed to help organizations develop the strategic agility required to gain advantage from changes in the business environment. Participants will work together in 4 stages of the scenario process.

Strategic Visioning
Strategic Visioning™ is a 1-day workshop that uses Imagility™, a projective technique
that features over 140 images designed to accelerate the engagement of participants in
the particular issue at hand. Strategic
Visioning™ is a process for supporting the importance of both R-mode (“right brain”) and
L-mode (“left brain”) processes for visioning the current or future situation and then
engineering the actions it takes to close any gaps.

Organizational Agility Audit
The Organizational Agility Audit is a proprietary three-step process for engaging your organization to identify the obstacles impeding your agility and build your Agility Development Plan.

The Agile Model®

Team Agility Snapshot™

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

Nick & Tom's book, "Focused, Fast & Flexible: Creating Agility Advantage in a VUCA World", is now available for purchase on amazon.