Clearly, the FUTURE OF WORK involves building an agile, adaptive workforce which we describe as being Focused, Fast & Flexible. Hard as it is to imagine, the world is moving slower today than at any point in the future. 

As this article from Forrester Research suggests, the speed of automation and AI advances will make it highly likely that you will be operating teams that include some form of android teammate. Maybe within 3-5 years even? 

Future success will depend on the adaptability that you are able to build, enable and encourage in your organizations. This WILL cause you to face many existing paradigms for how you hire, lead, reward, organize and operate. 

Your underlying culture, values, leadership behavior and operating principles must be examined, reaffirmed and possibly re-inspired. The implications for your operating styles and commitment to people are profound and imperative. 

It’s not a question or a choice … it is what we call the Agile Imperative

Tom O'Shea, CMC
Tom O’Shea, CMC

Volatile, unpredictable, even erratic- these are the times we live in and exactly why Tom O’Shea is considered a trusted advisor and collaborator helping leaders, teams and organizations adapt and thrive by becoming more focused, fast and flexible in an increasingly complex and ambiguous world.

As Principal at Agility Consulting and Training, Tom brings a unique blend of strategic, operational and organizational expertise and support that is rare and valuable.  With perceptive insight, proven strategies and impactful coaching skills, he helps clients at the enterprise, team and individual leader levels exceed even their own expectations.

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