What is Imagility™?

Imagility™ is a unique product that uses imagery to help organizations become focused, fast and flexible.

What is the Objective of Imagility™?

The objective of Imagility™ is to help managers and/or facilitators rapidly accelerate the implementation of organizational initiatives. Through the facilitated use of a variety of color images you will begin to create dialogue among participants. Dialogue enables the reaching a shared vision of the situation.

Uses for Imagility™

Initiative uses can range from technology‐enabled projects such as Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management to Mergers and Acquisitions, New Organizational or Team Leadership, Team Product Introduction, Six Sigma

Unique Features of Imagility™

  • A collection of over 140 painting and photographs presented in booklet form to help accelerate organizational initiatives through the creative use of imagery.
  • Rapidly enable participants in any problem‐solving meeting, new product launch, project team session, etc. to openly clarify issues, challenges and resistance regarding an initiative.
  • The Imagility Guide is a reusable booklet that can be used in many settings.

Imagility™ Facilitator’s Guide + 10 Imagility™ Booklets
Imagility™ Facilitator’s Guide
Imagility™ Booklets: (minimum 5)
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