Coaching for the Agility Advantage

We all know that CHANGE is inevitable and our future will continue to be full of sometimes disruptive change. The solution is not learning and implementing CHANGE MANAGEMENT programs. It is about building CHANGE AGILITY with all of our people, the processes we use to get stuff done and technology platforms that support and enable success.

Below are two ways to get started with your leadership teams at the executive, functional, division and/or project team levels.

Our Agility Development Packages are built on the globally recognized framework for building leadership, team and enterprise agility …


The journey for creating agility as an advantage is detailed in our book Focused, Fast & Flexible: Creating Agility Advantage in a VUCA World. The packages outlined here provide affordable, on-going opportunities for agility coaching and support from real experts in this field as you and your team begins the journey.

Basic Agility Development Package
  • $250/month for each leader
  • -Digital copy of Focused, Fast & Flexible and our LAP Development Guide
  • -2 Hour Team Agility Virtual Work Session to build your customized Team Agility Roadmap
  • -Team Agility Snapshot™ survey taken every 6 months to track and monitor Agility development progress
  • -Each leader participates in Leadership Agility Profile 360™ and the Agility Personality Profile™ assessments and receives detailed personal report
  • -Each leader gets a 30 minute coaching call a month to support their personal Leadership Agility Action Planner and Roamap
Agility Advantage Development Package
  • PER MONTH + $500/month for each leader
  • -All elements outlined above in the Basic Package plus…
  • -Add a series of stakeholder interviews to the Team Agility Snapshot™ survey process to further identify agility obstacles, enablers, and improvement priorities
  • -Conduct a second Team Agility virtual working session with leadership team to identify mission critical action priorites from the Team Agility Snapshot™
  • -Support formation and virtual coaching for Agility Action teams to focus on working through the Agility Transformation Plan
  • -Add additional assessments in the leadership coaching process e.g. leadership personality profiles (Hogan), decision-making , change, influencing and conflict management styles
  • – Expand the monthly individual leadership coaching sessions to one hour
  • -Assist each leader with development of personal and team agility strategy map
  • -Monthly agility progress updates with principal client leader
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