Agile Leadership Fitness, get your HR leader to listen to this episode with Nick Horney

Great chat with Vasco Duarte on his Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast. We discussed my new book -- VUCA Masters: Developing Leadership Agility Fitness for the New World of Work. Lots of good content, thoughtful questions and energy in this podcast.

What are the Top 5 Priorities for the HR Leaders in 2022?

Gartner research surveyed over 500 HR leaders across major industries to assess priorities and expected challenges in 2022.   Building critical skills and competencies along with strengthening change management capabilities top the list. That combination represents what building organizational and leadership…

Speed of Play

AS THE "SPEED OF PLAY" ACCELERATES IN BUSINESS TODAY, ARE YOU KEEPING UP OR FALLING HOPELESSLY BEHIND? This shout out applies to each of us individually as well as collectively in the organizations we operate in every day. What is…