Are you a VUCA Master?

Since founding Agility Consulting in 2001, we have been focused on research and consulting to enable leaders to adapt and thrive in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment. My soon-to-be-published book — VUCA Masters: Developing Leadership Agility Fitness for the New World of Work — describes the behaviors and capabilities necessary to become a VUCA Master. The book also has a companion practitioner guide to help you develop leadership agility fitness and begin your journey to becoming a VUCA Master.

To help accelerate your Leadership Agility Fitness journey, take a few minutes to complete this Leadership Agility Snapshot assessment to quickly identify the gap between the VUCA you are experiencing and the Leadership Agility behaviors you are demonstrating.

Better yet, contact Nick Horney at to discuss the one-hour Webinar offered by the VUCA Masters Academy at

Nick Horney, Ph.D.
Nick Horney, Ph.D.

Nick Horney, Ph.D. is The Agility Doc. He first discovered the value of agility during his 23 years of service as a special operations naval officer responsible for diving and explosive ordnance disposal teams. In these rapidly unfolding and changing circumstances–and now, as an organizational psychologist–Nick discovered that the key ingredient separating good leaders from best leaders is Leadership Agility Fitness. After serving as a member of the executive team at the Center for Creative Leadership, he founded Agility Consulting and Training in 2001. Learn more about Nick at Nick Horney, Ph.D. (The Agility Doc) | LinkedIn

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