Agility Engagement Profile™

Measuring employee engagement for organizational agility.

What is Agile Engagement?

The degree to which employees perceive that their work organization generates confidence among its people to be focused, fast and flexible.


The degree to which employees choose behaviors demonstrating urgency, concentration and commitment directed toward their work roles.

The Agile Engagement Profile™ is a dramatically different approach to Employee Engagement. Our Agile Engagement Profile™ (AEP) provides actionable insight at both the organization and employee levels.

The Agile Engagement Profile™ is an online assessment with four parts:

  1. Agile Engagement Performance – assess the degree to which employees choose specific behaviors.
  2. Agile Engagement Climate – assess the degree to which the organization suppress agile engagements.
  3. Agile Engagement Stories – highlights what the organization needs to START and STOP doing.
  4. Client – Driven Items – developed in collaboration with the client (up to 15 items)

Agility Consulting & Training follows the principles of collaboration, open communication, and delivering actionable results through:

  1. Pre-assessment
  2. Initiating communication plan and launching survey
  3. Analyzing data and delivering report

If your organization desires or needs a closer assessment into people-oriented, individual-level performance factor the AEP is that solution.

Special Features:

  • Easy, online administration
  • Offers up to 15 customized client questions
  • Sparks interest, conversation and thought regarding agility and engagement
  • Comprehensive feedback guide with your results
  • Pricing for the Agile Engagement Profile™ is based on a variety of factors specific to your organization

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