Agility Audit

Helping your business to become  
in an increasingly turbulent world. 

The Agility Audit™ is a three-step process that examines the gap between organizational agility best practices and a current state assessment resulting in specific actions to close the gaps.

Step 1: Online Organizational Agility Profile™ — The Audit begins with an online survey fielded across a broad cross-section of your organization to gain valuable perspective on how you are doing in the key drivers of organizational agility from your people across the organization.

Step 2: Agility Interviews — A series of one-on-one interviews (phone and/or face) exploring best practice categories with carefully selected members from across the organization to develop greater qualitative perspective and organizational insight. 

Step 3: Agility Advantage Workshop — The finale of the Agility Audit™ process is a 1-2 day interactive workshop with leadership team to:

  • Get results & insights from the online survey
  • Participate in a creative “Strategic Visioning™” exercise
  • Identify the critical agility obstacles and enablers for your success 
  • Create specific action steps to make Agility a competitive advantage for you 

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