Measuring employee engagement for organizational agility  

 What Is Agile Engagement?

  • The degree to which employees perceive that their work organization generates confidence among its people to be focused, fast and flexible


  • The degree to which employees choose behaviors demonstrating urgency, concentration and commitment directed toward their work roles.

The Agile EngTable2agement Profile™ is a dramatically different approach to Employee Engagement.  Our Agile Engagement Profile™ (AEP) provides actionable insight at both the organization and employee levels.

The Agile Engagement Profile™ is an on-line assessment with four parts:

  • Agile Engagement Performance – assesses the degree to which employees choose specific behaviors
  • Agile Engagement Climate – assesses the degree to which the organization supports agile engagement
  • Agile Engagement Stories – highlights what the organization needs to START and STOP doing
  • Client-Driven Items – developed in collaboration with the client (up to 15 items)

Agility Consulting and Training follows the principles of collaboration, open communication, and delivering actionable results through 1) Pre-assessment, 2) Initiating communication plan and launching survey, and 3) Analyzing data and delivering report.

If your organization desires or needs a closer assessment into people-oriented, individual-level performance factors the AEP is that solution.

Special Features:

  • Easy, on-line administration
  • Offers up to 15 customized client questions
  • Sparks interest, conversation and thought regarding agility and engagement
  • Comprehensive Feedback Guide with your results

Pricing for the Agile Engagement Profile™ is based on a variety of factors specific to your organization.

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The Agile Model®

Team Agility Snapshot™

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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