Creating Your Agility Advantage

tomoshea240For the past 30 years, I have worked with major companies, clients and leaders across most industry sectors and continents to discover the answers to a basic question – how to adapt and thrive in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment.  In this blog, I will leverage my global experience leading human resources, strategic planning and running a consumer products business to share thoughts, observations and insights about how you and your team can create and sustain success by making AGILITY your competitive advantage.

  • WANT TO DRIVE AGILITY? … BE A CEO! I THINK I WANT TO BE A CEO!  I can still remember back almost a decade ago when my wife and I took our youngest son on tours of prospective colleges and we had a great visit to University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  I have many dear friends in the delightful seaside community of Wilmington, ...
  • AGILE TEAM: The Secret to Delighting Your Customers IT’S ABOUT YOUR PEOPLE. So, McKinsey & Company has been conducting on-going research for several years into understanding what builds differentiated advantage in creating customer value, loyalty and superior experience.  In their latest series of white papers and articles published in March 2016, McKinsey comes at this crucial question from several different angles but consistently with a common ...
  • PROLOGUE FROM THE MASTERS: What is Your Big Miss with Agility? For those of us who enjoy watching and occasionally playing golf … we have a new image for the AGONY OF DEFEAT … Jordan Spieth in despair on the 12th hole of the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia last week.  It was very painful to watch as this very talented wonderkid of golf had ...
  • TIME TO PIVOT TO AGILITY! It’s been over 10 years now since Hurricane Katrina pummeled New Orleans and surrounding area with devastating floods, winds and destruction delivered by a prolonged LEVEL FIVE pounding from Mother Nature.  Last week, our Agility Consulting team of practice leaders and affiliates met in New Orleans to co-sponsor and participate in the 2016 HUMAN CAPITAL INSTITUTE SUMMIT.  We ...
  • Start With the Answer: Authentic Leadership A few weeks ago, I had a very special opportunity that refilled my enthusiasm tank for promoting real, authentic leadership.  Have you ever had the privilege of working with someone who fully exemplified the kind of role model leader that the heavy weights in leadership literature write about?  Hopefully many of you can answer affirmatively to ...

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

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