What Are You Doing to FUTURE PROOF Your Organization?

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One of my favorite thought leaders is DON SULL, very smart guy who has been a Strategy Professor at MIT, Harvard and London School of Business.

One of Don’s many, many insightful sayings is we are living in an era of the FOG OF THE FUTURE which means we can’t see as far into the future as we once might have. The implication is clearly that if you cannot predict the future reliably then you had better become really good at reacting – better and faster than others!!

That goes to the heart of what we have been dedicated to for 20 years – helping organizations become more Focused, Fast & Flexible.

This series of articles from McKinsey & Co also provide good insights around the kinds of things you can/should be doing to FUTURE PROOF your organizations. Very congruent to our roadmap.

What you waiting for … get started!!

Is your organization prepared for the future?

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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