Mapping Leadership to Organizational Agility Through HR Analytics

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Most business leaders now understand and appreciate the value in BIG DATA and analytics. 
Building capacity for better and faster decision-making requires every enterprise to challenge themselves on how they identify data that matters as well as how to stream it in a way that facilitates the right insights and fluidity for action.  That is an essential part of the agility equation … people, process and technology working together to enable organizations to sense and respond better and faster to every changing opportunities and challenges in the marketplace.  The understanding and case for big data on consumer, customer and supply chain behavior is widely accepted and broadly practiced.   The comparable recognition and practice for HR ANALYTICS to better understand how organizational and leadership behavior in a strategic context impacts enterprise performance is not nearly as robust.

TAM with big ROur focus on Agility Analytics is one of the key differentiators for our consulting practice over the past fifteen years.  One of the features that many clients really appreciate is the alignment and ability to compare the organizations assessment on the 75 organizational behaviors that map the Organizational Agility Profile™ (OAP) with the corresponding leader behaviors in our Leadership Agility Profile™ (LAP).  Below are a couple of examples from our OAP and LAP analytics.  The OAP HEATMAP™ highlights the agility differences across geographies, functions, levels, job types, tenure or other key diagnostic windows.  Both of these assessments are built from THE AGILE MODEL and share extensive research foundation and industry usage.  Our Agility Analytics Practice Leader, Dr. Ben Baran recently compiled and reported on research results from over 1,000 executives who have taken our Leadership Agility Profile. Click here to read his research.

The critical questions impacting organizational success for the future will involve how well leaders adapt and develop the leadership agility skills in this framework.  As the 2012 FORBES article by Dr. Karl Moore declares … “agility will be the defining ingredient in the next generation of leadership”.  Tracking your leadership agility metrics and the corresponding organizational agility capabilities will enable your enterprise to progressively build greater speed of play and adaptability to success in the VUCA world.

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