Fighting the VUCA War with Big Data

Tom O'Shea |

bigdata_2267x1146Last year I wrote about the “Big Wave of Change Coming: Disruptive Technology” … well it certainly arrived and is washing across the globe and impacting every segment of the economy.  We hear discussions and headlines talking about “Big Data” accelerating and transforming possibilities across almost every walk of life.  What do they mean by “Big Data” and is it something I should pay attention to in my agenda?  The conversation about BIG DATA has evolved into multiple dimensions and is taking on a variety of different forms.  Here is a brief article by Naveen Joshi, an analyst on the topic in India, providing a useful illustration of the Big Data Trends Dominating 2017.  Big Data is not just the capturing of enormous quantities of economic, social media, productivity or consumer purchase behavior but has evolved into adaptive, interactive “smart” learning services that many of us use every single day.

If you have been thinking that this is a topic for only the largest, mega corporations … think again.  We are living in the era of “rampant adaptability” where the cycle time for transferring big ideas up and down the food chain is happening with the speed of imagination.  All of these technologies are accelerants in a continuously growing ecosystem of possibilities.  The “Internet of Things” and the continuously expanding universe of internet enabled devices will reach 50 billion and by Year 2020 will be an industry valued at $1.9 Trillion, according to Cisco and Gartner.

Why is this important to all of us?  It comes down to the operating context we face – now commonly called the VUCA world … volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous … and spinning with more speed and turbulence than ever before. Make now mistake about it … it is a war with VUCA for survival and essential that we face the future reality with that understanding. Are you open to the possibilities of what “Big Data” could do for you in your business?  Increasingly, technology innovation in this area is progressively enabling things called Customer Digital Assistants (like Siri), Machine Learning (use of digital algorithms to help devices become “smart” and do more) and even Robo-Boss where actual decision-making capabilities possible like driver-less cars.  The future applications and possibilities can be pretty scary.

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-11-40-52-amWe need to recognize that some of the longest cycle times in the recognition and adoption of change … results from the denial of things that seem far out or far fetched.

There is no doubt that the “Big Data Revolution” is here and transforming many businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.  Are you open to considering possibilities … or will you wait for your competitors or your customers take the lead to create the demand. Agile leaders and organizations anticipate change and they find ways to tap into better and faster mechanisms to provide real-time feedback and fact based measures.

We would love to hear your experience and exploration with BIG DATA and the possibilities that you see ahead.

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