MikeRichardson-240x240A warm welcome to Agility Consulting & Training from me, Mike Richardson (Vistage Chair, Resource Speaker & Chair Trainer). The fact that you are coming to this link means you have probably had some exposure to our range of agility assessments built around The Agile Model®:

  • Perhaps I spoke at your TEC/Vistage group and engaged you in The Agility Snapshot
  • Perhaps your Vistage Chair has been in one of my Chair Training workshops and has engaged you with The Agility 360 Snapshot for TEC/Vistage Groups
  • Perhaps you have heard about our portfolio of assessments through word of mouth or through the Vistage website.

Regardless, you have come to the right place to begin your journey of developing an agility-advantage. Our Agility Analytics practice produces original research studies and reports on agility and supporting topics; synthesizes cutting-edge research and thought regarding agility from around the globe and develops new user-friendly ways for people and organizations to measure agility while continually refining our current instruments. We help people and organizations become more focused, fast and flexible by measuring their current state, using analytics to determine priorities, designing and guiding change efforts, and measuring again to assess progress.

Here’s what I would suggest as a progressive on-ramp for you:

Phase 1 –Assessing Your Individual Leadership Agility

Leadership Agility Profile™ (LAP) 360 for You

Leaders lead change and transformation by setting the example.
Engage your management team of direct reports and perhaps some of your board members and/or TEC/Vistage Group peers and Chair in an extensive online 360 degree assessment of  YOUR agility as a leader.

Review the results with your team and Chair and discuss how to take a first phase of improvement actions.

Agility Personality Profile™ (APP)

Develop further insights into your leadership agility with this deeper look into your agility personality.

Phase 2 –Assessing Your Leadership Team’s Agility

Leadership Agility Profile™ (LAP) 360 for Your Direct Reports

Deepen the engagement in agility by having your direct reports complete the 360 degree assessment for themselves, getting input from you, their peers on the leadership team and their direct reports.

Team Agility Profile™ (TAP)

Engage your management team in a collective assessment of your overall agility as a team.

Team Agility Seminar (TAS)

The Team Agility Seminar™ is a two-day highly interactive workshop designed to build a roadmap for organizational improvement. The course teaches teams how to continually sense and explore customer and marketplace opportunities in order to respond faster than your competition at all levels within your organization.

Phase 3 –Assessing Your Organizational Agility

Organizational Agility Profile™(OAP)

The OAP provides you the opportunity to get a comprehensive assessment of your organizational health and agility from the perspective of your people. You choose how deep and wide in your organization to include in the evaluation process.  

The outputs and insights from the OAP analysis can be transformative as you identify and better understand deep seated obstacles to organizational speed, adaptability and engagement.

The link here provides more information and some illustrations from OAP report.

Agile Engagement Profile™ (AEP)

Measuring employee engagement for organizational agility  – the degree to which employees perceive that their work generates confidence and enables them to be focused, fast and flexible in meeting company and customer expectations.

Phase 4 -Building Your Agility Roadmap

Organizational Agility Audit™ (OAA)

Conduct three-step organizational agility audit that includes OAP assessment, interviews with select cross-section of team members and 1-day facilitated debrief with you, your leadership team (and possibly your board).

Confirm critical success factors and how to build corresponding agility in areas that will create sustainable competitive advantage.

The Agile Model®

How Agile Are You?

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

Nick & Tom's new book, "Focused, Fast & Flexible: Creating Agility Advantage in a VUCA World", is now available for purchase on amazon.