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touch_AffiliateNetworkOur Agility Affiliates represent our products and services with their clients and often work with our clients on large engagements that require affiliates who are located globally.  Our affiliates have their own consulting practices that primarily focus on the following areas:

  1. Executive Coaching
  2. Leadership and Team Development/Facilitation
  3. Organizational Development/Transformation

Examples of work with our Agility Affiliates include:

  • Brian Anderson, Performance Edge, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) — Served as a facilitator for the Agility Consulting seminar called The Agility Advantage for an Oil & Gas Industry client in Houston; Served as a facilitator for multiple AMA seminars that Agility Consulting designed – Strategic Agility and Resilience; Co-presented with Dr. Horney at a Human Resource People & Strategy Annual Conference with clients from Apple and Aramark
  • Sofia Rufin, Luxor Group (Paris, France) – For multiple years, she has integrated LAP assessments into a graduate school program that she was teaching 
  • Dr. Marilyn Buckner, National Training Systems, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) – Supported clients Marilyn had (e.g., Coca Cola, Nationwide Insurance and Siemens) through our coaching, high potential talent assessment & development, team development and Team LINKS
  • Steve Royal, Action Point Partners (Greensboro, NC) – Provided Agility Analytics tools (e.g., Imagility and LAP) for use with his leadership development project for the staff of a retirement community 
  • Joel Katz, Leadership Acumen (Philadelphia, PA) – Served as a consulting partner with Agility Consulting on work done with a national organization responsible for licensing architects.
  • Dr. Bob Prescott, Management Professor, Rollins College (Winter Park, FL) – Developed and implemented a graduate school course based on The AGILE Model®; Served as a facilitator for the Agility Consulting seminar called The Agility Advantage for an Oil & Gas Industry client in Houston


For more information about becoming an Agility Consulting Affiliate, please contact Dr. Nick Horney ( or +1-336-286-7250).

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

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