Tom Marin

Tom Marin            

Why did you decide to become an Affiliate of Agility Consulting?

Our firm offers organizational assessment and strategic development services to many different types of organizations. Across all of our client base we identified a strong need to assist senior executives with their strategic leadership issues. These needs encompass both their own development as well as those that work for them so we needed to either develop our own materials or look for a strategic partner who had this speciality. Agility Consulting offered us the deep expertise and the training we were looking for.

Frankly, it was an easy choice to go with Agility because their model allowed us to quickly come up to speed on their best practices and all of their materials are professionally packaged. As a result, we have been able to rapidly progress through the training and certification phases and immediately sell these services. 

We also saw a strong competitive advantage with Agility Consulting because they are a narrow-cast specialty firm that singularly focuses on agility assessment and training. Most competitive firms offer many types of services in an ala carte fashion which was not as attractive to us. We decided it was advantageous to be in the market with one thing that we could do better than anyone else than many things that many others could do just as well.

Since you have become an Affiliate, what has been your experience working with Dr. Horney and the products and services of Agility Consulting?

Dr. Horney is a consummate professional steeped in years of agility research and practical application. He offers a generous amount of time to train and certify an Affiliate and brings a wealth of experience earned over many years in the ‘real-world.’ I have worked with many professional practitioners over 25 years and have found Dr. Horney incredibly easy to communicate with and learn from. We look forward to many years of a mutually beneficial relationship. 

How will being an Affiliate enable you to grow your firm and achieve your strategic goals?

Even before we were certified we sold three Agility Engagements to three different clients along with our coaching services that we were providing. The clients are located in our home state of North Carolina, Austin, Texas, and New York City. We have found that much of what needs to be provided can be done via a web conference which allows us to expand our reach throughout the United States. Agility couples perfectly with our organizational services so having both will allow us to offer a more complete set of solutions to our clients.

How is Agility Consulting different from other agile methodology firms?

The word “Agility” has become somewhat of a buzz word that people throw around for marketing purposes in very much the same way “Lean” or “Green” was used by many. Agility Consulting’s differentiation is rooted in its name, Agility Consulting & Training and all of its services pertain to helping others become agile. The research methodology is no different than hundreds of other firms. What’s different are the primary drivers of The Agile Model that both assess and provide guidance toward betterment. Many competitive programs offer pure assessment but do not have the built-in intelligence to guide someone to a higher level of agility. With Agility, you accomplish both of these things in a relatively short period of time.

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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