Team Agility Services

How Teams Will Benefit

  • Sense and respond more efficiently to the external environment
  • Encourage diversity, yet unify decisions and act with one voice
  • Have clarity of purpose and accountabilities aligned with the organization’s values and priorities
  • Maintain high levels of mutual trust and boundary fluidity (willingness to move vertically or horizontally to have the most impact)
  • Process information effectively and synthesize meaning from it
  • Take risks, experiment and learn rapidly for continuous improvement

Team Agility: The New “Secret Ingredient” For Organizational Success

Businesses are quickly realizing that increased speed, magnitude and volume of turbulence demands teams that are more effective and more responsive. Research confirms that time and time again, Agile companies significantly outperform less adaptive companies. As the uncertainties and complexities of our world continue to define the global landscape going forward, high performing Agile teams are quickly becoming the “secret ingredient” for organizational success. Through sensing, idea diversity, alignment, collaboration, monitoring and continuous improvement, teams can achieve unparalleled success.

Our Team Agility services will enable your team to achieve adaptability that will lead them to accomplish extraordinary milestones.

MikeRichardson-150x175For more information about Team Agility, please contact Mike Richardson, Team Agility Practice Leader.

Team Agility Profile™ Assessment

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This quick version of the Team Agility Profile™ represents a summary of key team competencies for successfully leading organizations in an increasingly turbulent and uncertain world. Using the scale below, rate your level of proficiency in each of five research-based areas that are important to team agility. You will receive a feedback report illustrating your team agility strengths and developmental needs.


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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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