Team Agility Profile™

What is The Team Agility Profile™?

The Team Agility Profile™  is one of the only online assessment instruments specifically designed to measure the strengths and developmental needs required of teams operating in fast moving, uncertain and turbulent business environments like those that exist today. Team collaboration and agility has been called out as prerequisites for future success. The Team Agility Profile™ is the only team-centered assessment organized around the five multidisciplinary research-based competencies identified in The Agile Model®:

Anticipate Change – Interpret the potential impact of business turbulence and trends along with the implications to the enterprise.agilemodeWEBSITE

Generate Confidence – Create a culture of confidence and engagement of all associates into effective and collaborative teams.

Initiate Action – Provide the fuel and the systems to make things happen proactively and responsively at all levels of the organization.

Liberate Thinking – Create the climate and conditions for fresh solutions by empowering, encouraging and teaching others to be innovative.

Evaluate Results – Keeping the focus and managing the knowledge to learn and improve from actions.

Who Are Users of The Team Agility Profile™?

  • Individual Business Leaders
  • Business owners and C-Suite Executives
  • Project Management Leaders/PMO Executives 
  • Vice Presidents/Directors of Human Resources or Organization Development
  • Executive Coaches/Human Resource Consultants

What Can The Team Agility Profile™ be Used For?

This assessment can be used by departments, functions or project teams of any size to support high performance team development efforts. Team members will gain a better understanding of their collective strengths and development areas as they face increasing pace, complexity and challenges especially in high matrixed organizations. The TAP will provide a rich combination of quantitative and qualitative feedback for teams to analyze together to help improve communication, understanding and team effectiveness.

Team Agility Profile™ Feedback Report

The Team Agility Profile™ feedback report provides developmental feedback that highlights team assessment on 75 team agility behaviors broken down into 15 critical team capabilities built from the  The Agile Model® outlined above. In addition, there is narrative feedback summary for verbatim team comments on five important questions related to building high performance, agile teams.

The TAP is also a valuable tool for use in strategy deployment initiatives or when launching mission critical project team especially when combined with the Leadership Agility Profile™ and the Leadership Agility Customized Aggregate Report™ for powerful leadership and team development! 

Click here for a sample report.

A Simple Process

The easiest first step is to contact us at or call 336-286-7250 to get your starter kit with step-by-step instructions and to tailor the TAP choices to meet your specific needs. With the TAP, the company contact completes a TAP roster nominating participants to provide feedback on the team agility rating scale. These individuals provide feedback on the team effectiveness and agility via an email containing a hyperlink containing the survey. 

Individual rating can be treated as confidential and not reported or can be shown to enable more open discussion of Team Agility feedback and improvement opportunities. Narrative verbatim comments to open-ended questions are grouped by theme. Once all surveys have been received, a thorough and detailed report (see sample) is provided directly to all team members or to the company contact for use in subsequent sharing session.

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

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