Strategic Agility Institute

The Strategic Agility Institute™ (SAI) is a collaborative effort, designed to encourage research, understanding and education. It’s a comprehensive collection of work on the drivers, outcomes, impacts and complexities of strategic, organizational and leadership agility in our increasingly fast-paced, uncertain and turbulent world. We are pleased to offer this gathering of expert advice and top quality research from around the globe to help you on your journey towards better success. 

The Premier Resource for Agility Research: Government, Private Sector and Academic

With a variety of useful articles, reports and documents, the Strategic Agility Institute is the leading resource for agility research at the governmental, private and academic levels. With insight from a variety of government agencies, private industry leaders and prominent universities, you have everything you need to learn from and engage with expert advice and quality insight. Whether you’re looking for a specific study or would prefer to browse through the collection, the inventory is vast and the topics covered are widespread.

Customized Learning…On Your Time

Explore our database on your own time and customize your learning as it’s most opportune for you. If you feel inspired to learn more about a particular topic, please feel free to visit anytime, at your convenience. We have attempted to share here some of what we consider to be the best knowledge resources on the topic of strategic agility. We hope you have enjoyed your visit and welcome your sending us new material that may be added to the collection.

Private Sector Research on Agility

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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