Organizational Agility Profile™

What is The Organizational Agility Profile™?

The Organizational Agility Profile™ is unique as an online assessment instrument specifically designed to measure strengths and development needs required in organizations operating in fast moving, uncertain and turbulent business environments. Organizational dexterity, adaptability and speed are essential for future enterprise success. The Organizational Agility Profile™ is the only assessment organized around the five multidisciplinary, research-based capabilities identified in The Agile Model®.

Anticipate Change – Interpret the potential impact of business turbulence and trends along with the implications to the enterprise.agilemodeWEBSITE

Generate Confidence – Create a culture of confidence and engagement of all associates into effective and collaborative teams.

Initiate Action – Provide the fuel and the systems to make things happen proactively and responsively at all levels of the organization.

Liberate Thinking – Create the climate and conditions for fresh solutions by empowering, encouraging and teaching others to be innovative.

Evaluate Results – Keeping the focus and managing the knowledge to learn and improve from actions.

Who Are Users of The Organizational Agility Profile™?

  • Business owners and C-Suite executives
  • Business unit and functional operating executives
  • Vice Presidents/Directors of Human Resources or Organization Development
  • Organization Development Consultants
  • Leaders responsible for Strategy Development or Implementation

What Can The Organizational Agility Profile™ be Used For?

This assessment can be used for departments, functions, business units or entire enterprise assessment of organizational agility using The Agile Model® drivers. Organization leaders will gain a better understanding of the obstacles, gaps and opportunities for improving alignment, speed, flexibility and resilience. The OAP provides a rigorous and rich resource for better understanding the sources and contributing factors affecting cross-functional collaboration, decision-making speed, accountability dilemma’s, employee engagement and creating high performance energy.

Organizatioanl Agility Profile™ Feedback Report

The Organizational Agility Profile™ Insight Report provides valuable diagnostic feedback that includes comparison of company ratings to agility norms as well as significant cross-tab comparisons to understand differences across company landscape, functions and employee demographic profiles. The OAP survey contains the 75 critical enterprise behaviors summarized in 15 key agility capabilities from The Agile Model® as outlined above.

In addition, there is direct narrative feedback on seven important questions that will provide an amazing amount of insight from your organization to unlock the keys to building greater horizontal, customer driven energy and agility – on becoming focused, fast and flexible.

Each OAP Insight Report comes with a customized summary detailing the highlights and conclusions from the analysis along with a recommended AGILITY DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP – highlighting specific obstacles and recommended action steps for building AGILITY ADVANATAGE.

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A Simple Process

The easiest first step is to contact us at or call us at 336.286.7250 to get your starter kit with step-by-step instructions. The OAP typically requires a phone or in-person conference due to the customizability and benefits from tailoring the data collection, communication, demographic framework and cross tab reporting preferences.

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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