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Outstanding leaders are frustrated by an acceptance of the status quo and instead continually push themselves, their teams, and their businesses to learn, to generate new ideas, and take needed risks to position themselves favorably in the marketplace. Since 2001, Agility Consulting has enabled leaders to anticipate and respond to change by becoming more focused, fast and flexible.

How Leaders Will Benefit

  • Fierce competitorCreate a culture that promotes action, resourcefulness, risk and invention
  • Make decisions and take action using a rapid decision-making model
  • Engage in a continual “outside the box” search for ideas
  • Understand their own Leadership Agility – how they compare with other leaders in their company and across the country, and what they need to focus on to become a more Agile leader

A Time For Action: How Agility Consulting Can Help

Fire, Ready, Aim… this is rapidly becoming the typical action sequence of leaders today as the pace of daily decision-making outstrips the readiness of some leaders to respond. The intense pressure for real-time responsiveness to the complex needs of customers, vendors, regulators or employees is causing many leaders to increasingly respond before they’re ready to do so.

Agility Consulting’s Individual Agility programs will give you the ability to change this action sequence and determine new ways to seize upon opportunities to be more decisive and responsive. It is the place where initiating action is a smooth reflex and not an ordeal. Leadership during turbulent times is challenging, but reinforcing an Agility culture within your organization starts with you.

1nick-horneyFor more information about Leadership Agility, please contact Nick Horney, Leadership Agility Practice Leader.

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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