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We welcome Chad Brown ( to the global team of Agility Consulting Affiliates.  Chad is based in Central Florida and has over six years of consulting experience in a diverse range of industries across Argentina, Germany, China, the United States and more. Chad’s graduate education includes an M.B.A. and an additional Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.  Chad Brown Counseling and Consulting (CBC Helps) was founded in August 2015, and is guided by the motto “CBC Helps Discover Purpose & Develop Potential”.

Within consulting, Chad’s expertise is centered around Millennial employee development, delivered through individual coaching, management consulting, group development experiences, and organizational strategy consulting.  Chad’s career counseling practice is designed to serve high school and college students, young and experienced professionals, as well as entrepreneurs and startups.

Chad shared his reasons for becoming an Agility Consulting Affiliate in a recent interview.

Why did you decide to become an Affiliate of Agility Consulting?

The decision to become an Affiliate of Agility Consulting was an easy one to make based on the quality of materials, supported by an easy to understand structure that can immediately be utilized to help businesses of all sizes and developmental stages.  As a member of the Millennial generation, focusing on retaining and developing the talent of this generation is my speciality.  While experienced leaders of organizations understand the need for increased Agility in their people, processes, technology, and innovation – Millennials also accept Agility because it helps relieve many of the stressors that leads to actively disengaged employees or those that seek employment elsewhere.  An additional reason I decided to become an Affiliate of Agility Consulting is the diverse group of professionals within Agility Consulting and my fellow affiliates, we have many different backgrounds and experiences but we share a passion for excellence within the development of individuals and organizations.

How is Agility Consulting different from agile methodology firms?

The primary, and extremely valuable differentiator, is that Agility Consulting excels within studying and developing modernday methodology that is easy to understand and apply directly to individuals and organizations of any skill level or educational background.  Agility Consulting maintains an effective balance of research and application, while other firms are often operating at extreme ends of this spectrum, offering brilliant research that few can understand or apply efficiently, or those consultants that may be inspirational and fun to be around but unfortunately individuals and organizations do not really grow and develop for a sustainable future.

How will being an Affiliate enable you to grow your firm and achieve your strategic goals?

Having access to Agility Consulting’s materials and support from a diverse collection of colleagues ensures that I am always providing my clients with the best resources for their unique needs.  Pairing these resources within my expertise of Millennial employee development results in a truly unique and valuable consulting experience for clients in Central Florida and beyond.

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