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2019 Wish List – Harmony & Agility

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It seems that I have become almost labeled as a “harmonean” … i.e. someone who seeks and promotes harmony in organizations, families and relationships.  Probably guilty as charged.  This rang true over the holidays as I got a nice coffee-mug Christmas gift from my sister-in-law Mary Beth that celebrated that noble ideal. A few days […]

The Big Lie That’s Hindering Your Agility

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By Ben Baran, Ph.D., Agility Analytics Practice Leader I’ve seen it in almost every work-related team—both those in which I’ve been a member, and those I’ve coached or led. It’s a blind spot that we all have. It’s a big lie we all tell ourselves. It makes us feel good, secure, worthy. It’s psychologically soothing; […]

When Brutal Honesty is a Brutal Mistake

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By Ben Baran, Ph.D, Agility Analytics Practice Leader Some people wear it like a badge of honor, something that’s part of their identity. “I’m brutally honest.” “I say it like it is.” I get the appeal. We generally appreciate honesty and candid communication. We sometimes equate “brutal honesty” with strength of character or integrity. But […]

Human Resource Management and The Great Unlearning

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By Ben Baran, Ph.D., Agility Analytics Practice Leader Exciting changes in the world of human resources (HR) abound. As noted by Stephen Barley (University of California Santa Barbara), Beth Bechky, and Frances Milliken (both of New York University) in their recent article in Academy of Management Discoveries, “Few people would deny that the nature of […]

Cowards Need Not Apply

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By Ben Baran, Ph.D., Agility Analytics Practice Leader Much ink hath been spilt on the inspirational nature of leadership. Although such thoughts have merit, I have long wondered if we overemphasize the inspirational aspects of being a leader to the detriment of underemphasizing the perspirational aspects of being a leader. That is, we like to […]

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

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