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Leadership Agility Profile - Self Assessment

The Leadership Agility Profile Self-Assessment is a leadership assessment specifically designed to identify the strengths and developmental needs required of leaders in an uncertain and turbulent business environment. The Leadership Agility Profile-Self Assessment is administered on-line with immediate access to your report upon completion of the survey.

Leadership Agility Profile™ 360 Assessment

The Leadership Agility Profile™ 360 is one of the only online 360-degree leadership agility assessment instruments specifically designed to identify the strengths and developmental needs required of leaders in an uncertain and turbulent business environment. The LAP can also be used as a full self-assessment or as "180° feedback" to compare your self-assessment with how your boss or a trusted colleague rates your leadership.



The objective of the Imagility product is to help managers and/or facilitators rapidly accelerate the implementation of organizational initiatives through the facilitated use of images. Over 140 paintings and photographs are packaged in a reusable booklet for use in multiple settings and for any organizational initiative. This product is also used in our Strategic Visioning™ workshop.


Leadership Agility Development Guide™

The Agility Development Guide is a tool for individual leaders as well as Human Resource professionals to jumpstart the creation of development plans. It has more than 60 pages of specific and practical ideas that can help build critical skills for high impact leadership agility.


Agile Engagement Profile™

Measuring employee engagement for organizational agility.


Focused, Fast & Flexible

As a business leader and strategist it falls to you to make sense of this complicated and turbulent world. You need to respond better and faster than ever before by using new tools and constructs that create higher value, more engagement, and greater longevity for your enterprise. But how are you going to accomplish this? The clear answer is that you and your organization must become agile—focused, fast, and flexible—where the alignment of people, processes, and technology continuously adapt to changing conditions.


Focused, Fast & Flexible

Bulk Order option for Focused, Fast & Flexible for the purchase of 5 or more books. Price is discounted to $15 per book and free shipping is offered as well.



Full Day, Interactive Agility Advantage Workshop

  • Includes custom pre-workshop team agility survey to map your VUCA and evaluate your agility readiness
  • Learn critical best practices in organization, team and leadership agility
  • Learn how to build your roadmap to create your sustainable agility advantage!
  • Each participant receives a personalized report on their Agility Personality Profile™ and Leadership Agility Profile™ Self-Assessment
  • Each participant also receives a personal copy of FOCUSED, FAST & FLEXIBLE book along with the 70 page Leadership Agility Resource Guide to support personal development


This book provides a manifesto for the Why, What, When, Where, How and Who of agility. Using stories from his experiences as a manager, executive and CEO in the Oil and Gas, Aerospace and Automotive industries, Mike Richardson explores agility in everyday terms. He explains how aircraft accidents, the BP Oil Spill and Toyota’s safety recalls relate to your agility challenge in your role in your business. He explains the agility of a jet fighter plane and a jet fighter pilot and how you can employ similar techniques in your organization.

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

Nick & Tom's new book, "Focused, Fast & Flexible: Creating Agility Advantage in a VUCA World", is now available for purchase on amazon.



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